Lewis Dick

Hi, I'm Lewis Dick

I'm a 4th year Computing Science student at Stirling University
graduating in 2019, expected first class honours

Currently I am working on my honours project "Image auto-captioning using Deep Learning", which is expected to be finished by early april. This project is being completed in collaboration with Thales Optronics.

Most of my programming experience has been in JavaScript, Java, Python, C, PHP & SQL. However, I've always enjoyed jumping into a new language when it is needed..

My personal projects are mostly based on needs I have at any given time. This has lead to a lack of varying project type, which is something I'm aiming to change soon

Outside of coding my other interests include reading, music & fitness

You can check out what albums I've listened to recently Here or Here. If you have any recommendations for artists / albums / songs, please feel free to send me a message/email.

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